The Guardian has recently listed Donau115 as one of the best jazz clubs in Europe. Says them: "Germany's capital isn't short of live music venues covering every conceivable genre. Its best known jazz clubs are the A Trane and Zig Zag, where more established artists feature. Less well known, and much smaller (50 capacity), is Donau115 in the lively Neukölln district. The club's programme covers top-quality straight-ahead post-bop jazz to - in the words of part-owner Chad Matheny - "experimental Zappa-influenced atonal intellectual weirdos" plus the occasional "noisy, scrappy acoustic pop act". So it's not always jazz as you might know it. The club is based on the ground floor of a building that was bombed in the war; the above floors were torn down and rebuilt but the room Donau is in survived. With Moscow Mules at €5 and often wildly original music the operative word here has to be wunderbar." Source


We currently have no events scheduled for Donau115. Please check out their website to see if there's anything we might have missed.

We don't know about any regular jam sessions at Donau115.

For the full programme please visit the Donau115 website.

No tripadvisor review yet.


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